For anyone who has one of the latest iterations of the iPhone or, indeed, intend to get their hands on the iPhone 8 when it hits the shelves, you will likely have become accustomed to the AirPods which have replaced the traditional headphones and, if you’ve been looking for a means of storing them on the go and keeping them juiced, this Kickstarter project that goes by the name of PodCase is just the thing for you.

Admittedly, losing them is one of our biggest concerns about the AirPods here at Coolector HQ but this superbly conceived PodCase certainly looks to be a first class solution to a very real problem. The PodCase is a slim battery case that keeps your iPhone and Airpods in one place and fully charged and it has a stealthy understated aesthetic that will complement your smartphone aesthetic wonderfully well.

Air Apparent

The AirPods have yet to be fully embraced truth be told but the PodCase could well be a piece of kit to help take them into the bosom of the tech lovers out there because not only does it represent a highly functional space in which to store them when not in use, it has the additional benefit of charging them whilst they’re being stored as well. The PodCase has a slim profile that won’t impact your capacity to carry it in your pocket with ease and it has a 2500 mAh extra battery: enough for a full charge for your iPhone or up to 40 AirPod charges.

With a tagline of ‘always with you, always charged’, the PodCase is perfectly suited to those who spend a lot of time on the go and need a clever charging solution for both their smartphone and AirPods. This cracking piece of design comes from some of the brains behind Pebble and this shines through in the innovative design principles and engaging design endeavours that really help the product stand out from the crowd.

It is natural to want to store your AirPods alongside your iPhone and this isn’t currently the case with traditional charging methods for AirPods but the PodCase puts an end to this issue and ensures you can keep all your tech in one place and do away with any misplaced gadgety or charging accessories. The fact you can use a single cable to charge your phone, AirPods and extra battery is sure to appeal to those sick of carrying around multiple different cables for all their charging needs.

Designed With You in Mind

Pleasingly, the PodCase puts you first and considers the requirements of the consumer throughout the design process and this means that it boasts features that users have actually requested during the design process of the case. For example, PodCase uses a USB-C plug, so professionals with modern MacBooks or other laptops can hit the road with one charger for their entire kit. Intuitively designed to really fit in with your day to day life and offering so much more than a place to store and charge your AirPods.

It’s already off to a pretty impressive start over on Kickstarter and we’re sure there will be plenty of AirPods users out there who have long being searching for a solution to their charging requirements thinking ‘shut up and take my money’ right now and, if that’s you, there’s still plenty of time to head on over to Kickstarter and show your support (they’re planning to introduce an iPhone 8 option after the Apple announcement in a day or two).

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