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We all have our own favourite pastimes and our hobbies often define who we are are as individuals. With this in mind, many people like to document they’re day to day activities and, for most, this will entail uploading their endeavours to their various social media channels – be this Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. But there are still some old school survivors out there who find more value and reward in actually writing down their experiences and, for those people, there is the, frankly, decidedly spiffing Recap Notebooks you see above.

Recap Notebooks are billed as the easiest way of summarising your favourite activities and ensuring that you capture them in all their detail. The devil is in the detail as they say. These superbly designed notebooks aren’t merely your run of the mill lined affair, they’ve got all sorts of diagrams, checkboxes and other engaging fare that will make it much easier to document your favourite pastime such as camping, travelling, wine tasting and cooking.

There is something a good deal more rewarding about jotting down your experiences and it by no means need to replace social media (because it definitely won’t) but there is something to be said about a hand-written journal and, if you’re going to go down this avenue, you might as well go for one as awesomely designed as these from Recap.





Recap Notebooks are the work of two graphic designers heralding from Montreal in Canada and we here at The Coolector have fallen pretty hard for the Wes Anderson-esque nature of their designs and can’t wait for them to add more hobbies to their series of notepads – Guinness drinking, chaps?

Price: $10+

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