Renovo Glenmorangie Original Bicycle

It’s fair to say that there are no shortage of bikes to choose from out there but every now and then you’ll come across a contraption that really catches the eye and captures the imagination and that’s the position we currently find ourselves in here at Coolector HQ with the rather excellent looking Renovo Glenmorangie Original Bicycle that looks incredible and boasts an unparalleled level of performance to go alongside it.

The Renovo Glenmorangie Original Bicycle is a collaboration that has been inspired by a shared passion for innovation with wood with purveyors of whiskey, Glenmorangie, and if you like your spirits and hitting the open road, this is the bike for you as it has been crafted from casks of whisky for the eye-catching aesthetic you see before you. Carefully hand-crafted to provide a stunning finished product, these amazing bikes from Renovo will only be available in limited numbers so you’ll have to move quick if you want to get one in your hands.

Whisky Riding

The Glenmorangie Original whiskey is a rolling testament to the versatility of wood as witnessed by the materials used in the making of their impeccable casts and this is why bike makers, Renovo, choose the spirit brand as an ideal collaborator in the creation of a truly unforgettable steed. The Renovo Glenmorangie Original Bicycle is a rapid and extremely responsive road bike and when shod with the stock 700x28mm tires, it can quickly become an exceptionally smooth and stable off-roading machine by adding on larger tires- up to 40mm wide which will be suitable for taming even the most unforgiving of unpaved roads out there.

With each bike been crafted from a combination of American White Oak and Sapele, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more visually striking bicycle anywhere else out there and there is a real tangible sense of quality throughout the construction of this out of this world machine. The Renovo Glenmorangie Original Bicycle has full frame shock and vibration damping, a hollow main triangle with internal cables, a trapezoidal curved down tube and top tube recall the shape of Oak staves from Glenmorangie casks and a long wheelbase adds stability and increases vertical compliance.

If an interesting, exceptionally well crafted bike sounds like your cup of tea, this mesmerising offering from Renovo will be difficult to top truth be told. The fact only a limited number of these specially collaborative frames will be made adds to the exclusivity and appeal still further and for lovers of whisky and riding, this has to be the chief contender for your next bicycle – bear in mind you’ll need deep pockets as, somewhat predictably, a ride of this magnitude doesn’t come cheap.

Wooden Wonder

We’ve encountered a number of products crafted from whiskey casks in our time here at Coolector HQ but this is the first bike that we’ve stumbled across and the quality and quality of craftsmanship on offer from Renovo really is second to none. It’s hard not to be impressed with the versatility of this ride and for those cyclists that like to stand out from the crowd with their choice of steed, you’ll certainly be in your element with this limited edition, collaborative offering.

Stylish, immeasurably eye-catching and boasting top of the range materials and components, this first class ride from Renovo and Glenmorangie is definitely going to find plenty of admirers out there from both regular riders and those with a penchant for the strong stuff. You can make a deposit now if you want to get your hands on this awesome looking steed and it will be launching in a few weeks time.

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