Retroduck iPhone Dock

We are seldom far from a smartphones here at Coolector HQ and we often find ourselves on the hunt for ace looking accessories and bits of EDC that will ramp up the style of their aesthetics and we’ve found a great one in the shape of these brilliant looking Retroduck iPhone Docks which will add more than a hint of old school cool to your smartphone’s appearance.

The Retroduck iPhone Dock is a modern reinterpretation of the classic style television designs that we all know and love. Available in a number of different visual styles to suit your design tastes, these cool little accessories will give your smartphone a new lease of life and is perfect for when you want to watch some of your favourite TV shows or movies on your iPhone.

Clever Design

The beauty of the Retroduck iPhone Dock is in the fact that it instantly transforms your smartphone into a old school-style television set, which makes it much more simple for you to focus on your screen anytime and anywhere when watching your favourite programmes – whether this be during a commute or on a plane journey. All you need to do is slide your smartphone into the Retroduck dock and it will do the rest – namely, delivering a simple but effective cradle and charging station for your iPhone all in one.

Giving you the opportunity to come up with your very own retro-style mini television courtesy of the Retroduck iPhone Dock’s many cool and exclusive add-ons, which includes customised antennas and legs. With some many designs and styles to pick from, including classical designs to retro-pop colours, you’ll never be short of options when finding the perfect dock for you from a visual point of view. Your one and only Retroduck dock is just waiting for you to create it.

The ace looking Retroduck iPhone Dock can add value to your day to day activities in a variety of ways as it has combined with a radio clock app to let your smartphone transform into a bedside clock when mounted on the dock. In addition to this, the Retroduck also boasts a hidden cable guide which allows the connecting of a lightning cable to your smartphone so you can charge your device whilst you’re enjoying your favourite music or videos or overnight whilst you’re sleeping.

Versatile Accessory 

A highly functional and versatile design means that you can alter the height of the Retroduck iPhone Dock and tilt it in a whole host of different ways to best suit your viewing requirements. A larger array of customised accessories are in the works for future release, such as anti-slip legs for automobile use so it’s definitely a case of watch this space.

If you want to increase the functionality of your iPhone, this effortlessly cool, vintage style accessory from Retroduck is going to tick plenty of the right boxes. Great for long commutes and enjoying your favourite shows, this cracking piece of design is definitely up our street here at Coolector HQ.

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