Revelot Retro-Futuristic Automatic Watch

There is something about a watch that has striking design features that is impossible to ignore and will draw attention to one’s wrist every time you wear it. The Revelot Retro-Futuristic Automatic Watch is one such timepiece and it is funding on Kickstarter now for any man that wants to add a touch of flair to their wrist for 2020. This great looking timepiece takes its design inspiration from fighter jets and if this sort of bold, no-nonsense look and feel is up your street then this is definitely the watch for you.

Revelot is an independent watch and accessories design brand which are newcomers to the market and started out in 2017 with passion in making great and affordable watches. Their inspiration comes from retro vintage art forms and designs which heavily inspired the aesthetics and performance of the Revelot Retro-Futuristic Automatic Watch which is funding on Kickstarter now and can be yours for the bargain price of just $169 during their super early bird pricing.

Take To The Skies

There are clearly a lot of design influences that have gone into these Retro-Futuristic Automatic Watches from Revelot but it was when, in late 2017, the team came across an abandoned aircraft hangar in Japan during their business visit to a watch making factory.  The combination of elements of the dystopian aircraft hangar and the fine craftsmanship of Japanese watchmaking led them to design of the fantastic looking timepiece that you see before you that is made all the more appealing by the fact you can get one on your wrist for under $200 during the crowdfunding campaign.

The Revelot Retro-Futuristic Automatic Watch on Kickstarter ($169) has definitely caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and for any man wanting an affordable well made timepiece for their wrist in 2020, you’ll find this one tough to beat. As you can see, it is the dial design which is the stand out feature of this magnificent looking timepiece and it is inspired by jet engines with its multi-layer dial design with partial exposure of the Japanese Miyota Movement beneath. Sitting on the wings, the watch features dual rotating plates one for seconds and another for 24 hours for a pleasing visual impact.

There are fine features throughout the design of the Revelot Retro-Futuristic Automatic Watch which includes the 316L industry grade stainless steel, Anti-reflective Sapphire glass casing and interchangeable Revelot Straps. During the campaign, you can take your pick from the silicon strap for durability, the leather strap for a touch of class and the always cool Nato strap for added style. With no battery change required the Miyota Automatic 82S7 has a power reserve of 36-48 hours during idle mode.

Fantastic Quality, Affordable Price

If you know anything about the watch industry, you’ll be aware that there is often a huge mark up on the price of watches but Revelot are aiming to deliver high quality timepieces for an affordable price by cutting out the middleman and delivering the excellent accessories direct to the consumer. By going straight to manufacturers, Revelot are able to bypass the middleman and bring down the price of their top notch timepieces. A watch similar to the quality seen here would often retail for over $500-$1500 so the fact you can get one of your wrist for as little as $169 during the Kickstarter represents excellent value for money.

We’re loving the bold look and feel of this eye-catching timepiece from Revelot here at The Coolector and we’re in little doubt that it will storm to its funding target on Kickstarter. There are plenty of men out there who gravitate towards striking timepieces like these Retro-Futuristic Automatic Watches and the fact you can get one for such an affordable price is the real icing on the cake. Head on over to Kickstarter to secure yours now.

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