REVOLVE Modular Wheel

The old saying goes that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel but every now and then you come across something that challenges this notion and we think we might have just done that in the shape of this thoroughly impressive piece of design called the REVOLVE Modular Wheel, which very much looks to be a new standard in versatility and functionality so far as the humble wheel is concerned.

The REVOLVE Modular Wheel is being billed as capable of opening new frontiers and horizons for the present and future of foldable vehicles courtesy of its highly innovative design and great line up of features and capabilities. This clever piece of design certainly stands out from a visual perspective and the REVOLVE Modular Wheel occupies 60% less space than the norm so there’s definitely something to be said for it if space is at a premium.

Amazing Design

It takes a lot to redesign the wheel as impressively as is on show with the REVOLVE Modular Wheel. This clever construct is suitable for folding which means the user can much more straightforwardly store it at home, in a backpack, in a trolley, in a trunk or even in the overhead baggage hold on an airplane – making it one of the most versatile and functional designs to reach the market to date.

The REVOLVE Modular Wheel has been designed and invented by Andrea Mocellin with the intention of becoming the first modular wheel of its type available to the day to day consumer. The aim is to really open up new frontiers for the present and future of foldable vehicles through its simplicity and compact design which makes it an iconic and innovative product never seen before.

Extremely simple to set up and use, the REVOLVE Modular Wheel offers a smooth ride and its space saving capacity when in storage are certainly going to make it appeal to those in all walks of life. Not just designed for use on bicycles, this clever accessory has a multitude of potential uses from bikes to wheelchairs and more or less any small wheel contraption you can think of. Boasting plenty of eye-catching features including a magnetic key for easy locking, a robust and durable aluminium frame and a puncture proof, airless tire that is perfect for all conditions.

Made With Millennials in Mind

The REVOLVE Modular Wheel has been designed and crafted with today’s modern millennials in mind and the super cool hexagon structure delivers a solid and first rate design when it both open and closed. Visually superior and packing a mighty impressive performance punch, this great piece of design might just change the way people approach wheel design and we’re definitely interested to see its reception when it becomes fully available for purchase.

Great design coupled with innovative materials and performance really make the REVOLVE Modular Wheel stand out from the crowd and sure to be a hit with those who regularly cycle, it’s a great endeavour which we’ll be keeping a close eye on here at Coolector HQ in 2018.

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