Trayvax Wallets

Every man will have their own particular style tastes when it comes to wallets and everyday carry and it’s fair to say that those of a military persuasion are probably going to want to be carrying one of these awesome looking Trayvax Wallets in their pockets.

Trayvax operate out of the Pacific Northwest just north of Seattle and the quality of their USA made wallets is patently second to none. They are crafted from the very best materials and the level of resilience and functionality that they provide is difficult to argue with.

If you’re in the market for an incredibly robust, sturdy and stylish wallet, these superb looking ones from Trayvax might just be the perfect choice. Check out a few more shots below:







This first rate wallets from Trayvax are certainly designed with the adventurer in mind and are crafted from top grain oil tanned leather, robust 550 paracord and stainless steel that has been bead blasted for that extra level of strength. These top class wallets are available in a number of different styles and colours to suit your own personal preference with your EDC but if you want a wallet that is both uncompromising and functional, Trayvax should certainly be one of your first ports of call.

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