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As men, there is typically one piece of apparel that we wear with great regularity but, frustratingly, is often the most difficult to find the perfect style and fit for you. We are, of course, referring to jeans and, if you’ve long been on the hunt for the perfect pair, your search may now be over courtesy of the guys at Revtown USA and their awesome line up of denim. Regardless of your style leanings, you’re sure to find a pair that more than fits the bill in Revtown’s array of options from slim to tapered.

Revtown have a simple objective – namely, to make great jeans – but this is easier said than done and they’ve spent time perfecting their craft to make sure every pair that hits their digital shelves is of the highest possible calibre. After years of working in athletic apparel, Revtown saw an chance to bring an innovative twist to this classic wardrobe staple of jeans so they applied some of the best parts of workout gear—like comfort, flexibility, and robustness—to jeans. And the end result is the amazing jeans that you see before you and can be yours for under $100.

Material Matters

It is the quality of the denim that really sets the jeans from Revtown apart from the competition. Each pair is made from their Decade Denim which is a proprietary, Italian fabric that combines classic denim, a little bit of stretch and a strong, durable thread—just like the stuff used in football uniforms and yoga leggings. This provides so much more flexibility and manoeuvrability than your average pair of jeans and you’ll wonder where Revtown have been all your life when you pull a pair on for the first time.

Not content with making some of the best and most comfortable jeans on the market, Revtown are also dedicated to making their wares as eco-friendly as possible. Clean denim production is their priority and that’s why their mill takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability—its environmental practices and restrictions are the strictest regulations in the denim industry. And 100% of all waste is recycled into denim yarn or insulation for local housing so you can see that Revtown are a brand that everyone should get behind.

Available in Sharp, Taper and Automatic fits, there is a pair of Revtown jeans for everyone and we’re loving the comfort and flexibility of their jeans here at Coolector HQ. Take your pick of an array of different colorways which includes indigo, steel, black and khaki with Revtown so no matter what look you’re looking to cultivate this fall, they’ll have a pair of jeans that will fit in effortlessly with your aesthetic.

Not Just Jeans

Whilst the excellent selection of jeans are the main offering from Revtown, they also have some top notch tees to compliment them as well that are right up our street from a stylistic point of view. Comfort and style combine with their T-shirts which are available in henley, pocket tees, graphic tees and polos so you’re sure to come across a style that matches yours. Their jeans and T-shirts go fantastically well together and we’ll definitely be grabbing a few of each here at The Coolector.

There really is nothing not to like about Revtown. They don’t just rest on their laurels in creating the perfect pair of jeans, they also make sure they’re making them in the right way. For any man on the hunt for a pair of jeans that are a cut above in the style and comfort department, Revtown are a brand that need to be on your radar and when you throw their cracking tees into the mix, they’re rapidly becoming one of our favourite apparel brands.

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