Fitzke Sidecar Wake Surf Board

Now that summer is here and the temperatures are starting to soar, a lot of men will be turning their attention to watersports and activities and if you want to go about these undertakings in style, one of these, frankly incredibly looking, Fitzke Sidecar Wake Surf Boards would certainly be one of our top picks here at Coolector HQ. Not many do water activity wares better than the guys at Fitzke and this latest release from the uber-talented studio is a fine example of this very fact.

Fitzke are the brainchild of Kevin Fitzke who spent his childhood in Minnesota making model boats and airplanes. Fast forward a few decades and he is now the master craftsman and designer behind Fitzke Wood Paddleboards, making seaworthy works of functional art. Taking design inspiration from Prohibition-era wooden boats and airplanes, Fitzke paddleboards, including the awesome looking Sidecar Wake Surf Board, are all hand made boards which have four color prints on 3M vinyl made for the marine and outdoor environmenand built on a low volume production line to ensure their unparalleled quality.

First Class Materials

All the vintage-style boards from Fitzke are made from the highest quality, marine-grade mahogany plywood, top of the line finishes and each one incorporates custom painted designs. The Fitzke Sidecar Wake Surf Board is the workshop’s latest offering and can be yours for the incredible price of just $879. It boasts a casual cruiser/skim style design that will look great out on the water and they are extremely limited in nature with just ten boards being released for each design run so, if you like what you see and want to get your hands on one, you’re definitely going to have to move quickly.

The Sidecar Wake Surf Board from Fitzke ($879) is individually hand stamped and number to make it entirely unique to you and your adventures. It has a vacuum pressed mahogany and carbon fiber core that gives it the sort of robust, no-nonsense performance that is a must out on open water and we’re willing to wage you won’t have seen a board quite as vibrant and aesthetically engaging as this one before. Professionals and first-timers alike will be in their element with the Sidecar. With an average weight of just six pounds, this made-to-order wakesurf board expertly combines both strength and simplicity like the classic cocktail of the same name.

As with each and every wake surf board that emerges from handcrafted Fitzke assembly line, layers of Lloyd’s Register marine-grade mahogany and carbon fiber are vacuum pressed together with epoxy to deliver the signature core structure before decking with stain and graphics. These great looking Sidecar Wake Surf Boards from Fitzke are available in vintage looks as well as botanical styles that are a nod to lumber which has been sourced from the Philippines. After high-gloss marine-grade varnish is applied, the finishing touch is achieved with a handmade, polished brass tracking fin that draws the eye and adds a touch of class to proceedings.

Quality Endorsements

It’s clear that the Sidecar Wake Surf Board looks the part from an aesthetic perspective but it also needs to perform out on the water as well and we’re delighted to report that they certainly don’t disappoint in this regard. This superb looking aquatic steed is endorsed by a top-level professional wakesurfer who vouches for its considerable quality and this makes the $879 price tag all the more remarkable.

The Sidecar’s exclusive design, rail and fin shape all combine together to offer performance, innovation, and nostalgic styling in equal parts and it’s a guarantee that these are going to sell out rapidly given their extremely limited, small batch release. Each board is lightweight, with a cruiser/skim style design which makes for easy upkeep, storage, and portability – making it a functional work of art for surf-seekers of all abilities. You can see more in the shop shots of these amazing boards being built on the Fitzke Boards Instagram page as well. Heading out on the water this summer? You know what to do.

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