Rider 1991 Watch

It is, frustratingly, the case that some of our favourite watches here at The Coolector are merely concept designs and that’s the position we find ourselves in once again after we stumbled across the great looking Rider 1991 Watch from Ukrainian industrial designer, Nazar Malets, which, like many of our favourite timepieces, takes its design lead from the automotive world.

The Rider 1991 Watch is inspired by Cafe Racer motorbike movement that was popularised in 1960s London and this exemplary looking timepiece, albeit only in concept phase at present, is exactly yhe sort of watch that we hope see gravity towards Kickstarter and other crowd funding platforms in the not too distant future.

With the analogue form of motorcycles informing the design of the Rider 1991 watch, there are going to be plenty of motorbike aficionados out there who will join us hoping this spiffing looking wristwatch makes it onto the shelves and it has plenty of different iterations that would suit different styles and tastes. Check out a few more shots below:









Watches are one of our favourite accessories here at The Coolector and it is always heartening to see designers out there looking to create new pieces and whilst the Rider 91 Watch isn’t something which is currently available, we hope that it eventually will be or, at the very least, inspire an established watch brand to create a similar looking automotive timepiece.

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