River Bank Smart Power System & Solar Charger

Keeping your tech juiced whilst out on a wilderness adventure might not be something you’ve planned for previously but when there are devices as awesome as this River Bank Smart Power System & Solar Charger available for the job, you’d be mad not to get your hands on one and they are currently available On-Demand over on Indiegogo for those who missed out on this cracking crowdfunding campaign first time round.

The River Bank Smart Power System & Solar Charger is a customisable and stackable device that is used to charge your favoirite devices such as smart phones, cameras and laptops. It has a 6 month battery life and delivers impeccable wireless charging that won’t let you down whilst on the go and, as the name suggests, it offers solar charging capacity which makes it the ideal pick for all your outdoor adventures over the summer months.

Adventure Ready Technology

Billed as the world’s largest capacity power station that you can get on a plane with, the River Bank Smart Power System & Solar Charger comes with a 51,200mAh/188 Wh Li-ion Battery and offers standard Qi wireless charging for all your essential smart devices. Extremely lightweight and portable, this excellent looking tech accessory is a must for those who want to keep their tech powered up on the go and the fact it has stackable modules that lets you truly customise the device to your own charging requirements is something that really helps to set it apart from the competition.

The River Bank Smart Power System & Solar Charger comes with three separate charging modules which you can pick to suit your own needs. These are the Main Module with the Qi wireless charging pad, 2 USB-C ports and 2 USB ports, the AC Module which has an AC port and USB ports and, last but not least, the Car Module which comes with a car jump starter port alongside USB-C ports. You can pick and choose these modules to suit your needs and they are stackable to make them easy to disassemble when getting on a plane.

Capable of charging all your travel tech essentials such as laptops, GoPro cameras, smartphones, a Nintendo Switch or your tablet, you’ll see the River Bank Smart Power System & Solar Charger as an absolute godsend when you’re on your travels because it will ensure you’ll not have to worry about your battery running down to zero on any of your essential tech devices. It has such an abundant amount of charging options that it really is one of the most versatile and comprehensive solutions on the market and has left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ.

Staying in Charge

In an increasingly technology obsessed world, it’s important to have a charging station that can come on the road with you and make sure all your technology devices are charged and they won’t come much better or more comprehensive than this River Bank Smart Power System & Solar Charger which is available on Indiegogo as we speak.

If you’ve long been searching for a versatile, lightweight and customisable charging station for all your travel tech needs, this is sure to tick plenty of the right boxes and prices start at just $199 for the Main Module Pack. You can choose the other elements of the stackable modules to complete your pack and give yourself the ultimate in charging solutions for all your summer adventures and more.

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