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We’ve got a soft spot for well designed, contemporary furniture here at Coolector HQ and, truth be told, we spend an undue amount of time in search of it. This makes it all the more rewarding, then, when we come across a brand like Rocket Mission who boast a stellar line up of designer furniture for both the home and office. If you like expertly crafted pieces made with the finest materials and with a real eye for the design details, Rocket Mission are definitely a studio that need to be on your radar.

Rocket Mission is a collection of modern furniture from supremely talented designer, Vincent Leman. The emphasis is on delivering contemporary pieces, hewn from honest, quality materials, with impeccable craftsmanship for everything that leaves the workshop. All of the furniture from Rocket Mission are made to have lasting quality and value and they design and make all of their furniture in their studio in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Exceptional Design & Build

As with all furniture, it is the choice of materials and the calibre of the finish that helps to set it apart from the competition and, we’re pleased to report, Rocket Mission excel in both these areas. Each piece is made to order in the material and finish of your choice and, in order to help make your color decision, they offer color swatches free of charge. The quality of their pieces, which range from modern sit and stand desks to contemporary coffee tables really is second to none and whether it’s for your home or office, it won’t disappoint.

With prices ranging from $145 for a baltic birch side table up to just shy of $3k for the sit and stand desk, there is something to suit every budget with the excellent line up of designer furniture from Rocket Mission. The is a real contemporary aesthetic to the furniture from Rocket Mission that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ and it has been designed to effortlessly dovetail with more or less any type of property be it commercial or residential.

Rocket Mission are relative newcomers to the world of designer furniture but they have wasted no time whatsoever in establishing a mighty impressive back catalogue of pieces which any homeowner or interior designer is going to appreciate. With a wide array of different woods deployed in the different pieces from Rocket Mission, which you can customise to your own style tastes, it’s easy to see why this design studio is really beginning to make a name for themselves in the world of designer furniture.

Hand Finished Quality

It’s clear to see that Rocket Mission go above and beyond when it comes to the quality of their finish and each piece has a finish which is applied by hand, so they can vary somewhat from piece to piece and make each piece unique to you and your home or office. For anyone on the hunt for some striking new pieces of furniture for their home or office this summer, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more accomplished workshop than Rocket Mission to choose from.

With a great line up of designs to choose from, a real dedication to quality and something to suit every budget, Rocket Mission are a brand that we’ve got a lot of time for here at The Coolector. Whether you’re looking for a sit / stand desk for your home office or a comfortable, contemporary rocking chair, they’ve got something for you and we think we know where we’ll be heading when it comes to kitting out our office.

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