ROK Espresso Maker

We’re pretty big into our coffee here at Coolector HQ and whilst we seldom have the time to make the good stuff, it doesn’t stop us looking for great implements for crafting coffee and they don’t get much better looking or stylish than the ROK Espresso Maker.

The ROK Espresso Maker is the perfect choice for those who are serious about their coffee and didn’t want to be tethered to the same old brands and flavours. There is no electricity and no expensive coffee pods with the ROK Espresso Maker, you choose the coffee beans you want to use and away you go.

If you’ve always wanted to a bit of a barista, this is the perfect place to start and it’s such a stylish looking device it will ramp up the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen in the process. Take a look at a few more shots of it in action below:





When it comes to coffee, we don’t mess about here at Coolector HQ and accessories like the ROK Espresso Maker are always going to turn our head. This one in particular is aesthetically superior and really lets you put the coffee first so it gets two thumbs up in our book.

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