Ronin Camera Bag

So far as bags and rucksacks are concerned, it is always about finding the right fit for your style and requirements and, in our opinion here at Coolector HQ, you’re unlikely to find many better choices than this Ronin Camera Bag if you’re a photography fan with various equipment to port about.

Painfully stylish and boasting more functionality than you can shake a stick at, this first rate Ronin Camera Bag certainly has left us mightily impressed at The Coolector and not only does it offer an understated cool, it also has all the storage requirements that you’ll need if you carry cameras and equipment about on a regular basis.

Ronin have featured on the pages of The Coolector previously, though as a watchmaker, and it’s good to see that they’ve branched out into other luxury goods because the impeccable nature of this camera bag shows that they were born for it. Great materials coupled with immeasurably versatility make this a winner in our book and you can see why we’re such big fans below:








Whilst we’re probably not in the bracket of “regulars” here at The Coolector, we do love to take photographs and it is important to have a good quality bag for porting about the various bits and pieces that you need to make the most of your picture taking. This awesome looking and brilliantly designed Ronin Camera Bag meets and exceeds all our expectations for this type of carry and we’re sure it will fly off the shelves when it becomes commercially available.

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