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There’s much to be said for just heading into the unknown and channeling your own path when it comes to travelling and this is all well and good on many occasions, it can also mean that you will miss some truly excellent experiences through not having had access to genuine accounts of some of the great outdoor’s most excellent trails but, courtesy of an fantastic looking app that goes by the name of RootsRated, this might well be about to change.

RootsRated is a new app that gives you access to the very best outdoor experiences, all of which have been recommended by local experts who are in the best position to advise on the excellence of woodland trails or mountainous treks. This great little app allows you to save time from having to extensively research an area you’re travelling to yourself and instead gives you insightful hints, tips and local knowledge about the best outdoor adventures in the area you’re heading.

The video above does a pretty sterling job of explaining the benefits of RootsRated and not only does it tell you about the best experiences to be had outdoors, this app allows you to save them to a virtual bucket-list that you can use as a source of inspiration and an excuse to get out and see the world. It’s not just walking trails that fall under the purview of RootsRated, it also boasts plenty of info on the best kayaking, climbing and cycling routes to name but a few and we here at Coolector HQ have been itching to go out into the wild after watching RootsRated in action above. Check out a couple more shots below:

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 13.05.45

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 13.06.03

If you’re the sort who likes to spend the majority of their time outside but doesn’t always have the ideas on hand on where to go then RootsRated could well become your smartphone’s new best friend. You should see it as your digital Sherpa in finding the very best adventures, trails and hikes that the great outdoors has to offer and we here at The Coolector will be making a start on our travelling bucket list sooner rather than later.

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