Rotio Compass

Though we’ve perhaps not used a compass since our school days here at Coolector HQ, we are suckers for great design around these here parts and that’s why we’ve had our heads turned by the excellent looking Rotio Compass which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. The Rotio Compass is described as an innovate, intuitive design tool which should form part of any creative individual’s EDC line up.

The Rotio Compass on Kickstarter is simple in design but offers a compelling performance that will appeal to technical drawers and creative types the world over. This clever little bit of kit from London based, Rotio, will complement your natural creativity and add a new layer to the design process. If you love having expertly crafted accessories in your workspace, this is a great one to add to the list.

Creative Catalyst

Created by two industrial designers, the Rotio Compass has been crafted as a catalyst to help people become more creative and give them more confidence in their drawing and creation processes. It is available in two different sizes and two different colours so you can choose the one that best fits your creative requirements and design tastes. The proportions of the Rotio Compass were developed around the standard A4 paper size, with the largest circle of the Plus Size version fitting within the width of an A4 paper sheet.

The Rotio Compass on Kickstarter boasts a precision design that has been carefully considered with a tangible attention to detail. It is a highly effective and efficient design tool which will give you an entirely new drawing experience. You just need to place the Rotio anywhere on the page, your finger on the centre and rotate with a pen. And then it’s just a question of seeing where your creative instincts take you.

Built to last, the Rotio Compass is manufactured from recyclable materials, with the machined aluminium compass being tough and robust enough for every day use. You may remember using a compass back in school that was fiddling and not particularly user friendly but the Rotio is a completely different kettle of fish and boasts a stable base for accurate and clearly defined line work. With increased control over the pen, the Rotio Compass lets you to go over and vary the line weight for greater depth and contrast to your sketching endeavours.

Defined Drawing Style

As the Rotio Compass has no sharp point to it like a traditional compass, it leaves no mark on the page and it grips the page using a concealed nitrile o-ring. There are no marks or unsightly damage on the page leaving your work pristine. Creative individuals will love having such a great looking accessory in their line up as this and for those of you still drawing by hand on a daily basis, you simply won’t find a better looking compass than the Rotio anywhere on the market.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen and want to get your hands on the Rotio Compass then just head on over to Kickstarter to grab yours for a superb price. Creative and innovatively designed, this first rate accessory will definitely make for a welcome addition to any creative workspace out there.

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