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Skateboarding might not be on the agenda too much right now but we’ve got our fingers firmly crossed that the lockdown will be ending sooner rather than later and we’re making sure we’re prepared for when it does here at Coolector HQ. For those of a skateboarding persuasion on the hunt for a classy, eye-catching new board for their outdoor pursuits, look no further than Rustek and their superb line up of skateboards and longboards.

Rustek are are firm believers that the foundation of quality craftsmanship comes from the materials used and this shines through in their fantastic line up of skateboards and longboards whose prices start at $250. They start by hand selecting the highest quality and most beautiful natural materials, which have been time tested by craftspeople, to make sure that their products meet the highest standards of quality, feel and aesthetic superiority. In short, you’ll not find a better looking skateboard than this on the market.

Tangible Sense of Quality

The minute you lay eyes on these Rustek Skateboards and Longboards, it’s clear to see that they’re a cut above the competition from a style and performance perspective. They are precision handcrafted and each one is naturally unique due to the materials used in their crafting. A real standout among their offerings is the Tesselate Longboard ($300) which boasts a drop through truck which mounts for easy pushing, comfortable commuting and a responsive feel. This is accentuated by footbeds for added control and stability, and a medium flex that absorbs bumps and chatter for a dampened and stable ride.

If you’re after a more conventional skateboarding experience, the Burnside Hybrid Skateboard ($275) will be very much to your liking with its effortlessly cool aesthetic and quality performance. It is Rustek’s conception of the ultimate all around, shred-everything deck. Easily hop and drop curbs around town, boost huge airs in the park or take it to your favourite downhill run, this board is designed to handle anything you can send its way.

Inspired by a spirit for adventure, these skateboards are going to get you where you want to go when the lockdown comes to an end and we’re loving their rustic look and feel here at Coolector HQ. Rustek are inspired by and drawn to nature. From skateboarding and snowboarding to camping and exploring, they believe in adventure and spending time in the great outdoors. Their handcrafted, wooden skateboard deck designs are take design inspiration from the beauty and geometry found in nature.

Responsibility to Nature

Another reason we’re such big fans of Rustek and their awesome skateboards here at Coolector HQ is due to their dedication to being as environmentally friendly and responsible to nature as possible. As a part of their overall commitment to nature and the great outdoors, Rustek use only FSC certified sustainably sourced wood and responsibly sourced textiles so you can feel good about riding their boards.

For anyone eagerly awaiting the end of the lockdown and on the hunt for a new means of getting around when quarantine comes to end, we’re definitely of the opinion that these Rustek boards should be one of your first considerations. Great to look at, top performing and crafted from environmentally responsible materials – what’s not to like?

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