Saddle Peak Residence

California is far and away one of our favourite locations here at Coolector HQ and we know only too well that they boast some of the most breathtaking homes in the Golden State and none more so than the Saddle Peak Residence in the hills of Santa Monica from AUX Architecture. This glorious and contemporary piece of architecture is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, and nestled between Malibu and Calabasas on an acre plot of land.

The Saddle Peak Residence from AUX Architecture has a highly modern exterior but not one that detracts from the stunning surroundings of the property. It is a design project that entailed a complete overhaul of the original tract home on the plot while working within the strict building guidelines. New restrictions required the architects to stay within the existing footprint which wasn’t easy but, as you can see, they have done a stellar job of delivering a stellar home.

Contemporary Californian Cool

With the original structure being very closed off and claustrophobic, AUX Architecture wanted to deliver a much more open plan and spacious feel to the Saddle Peak Residence and opened up the interior and added plenty of doors and windows to bathe the structure in an abundance of natural light. There is a connection between the indoors and outside at one end of the house where it opens up to the pool and patio to deliver great views across the Santa Monica Mountains.

The Saddle Peak Residence has an exterior which is clad in a combination of dark standing seam metal and vertical cedar panels which continue on into the interior of the property to provide a compelling visual impact and a cooling feel to the property – something which is essential for the scorching summer months in California. There are plenty of sustainable features worked into the design of the home such as solar panels, thermal panels that heat the pool, and a thermally coupled HVAC system, which helps to keep the residence off-the-grid.

So far as the landscaping around the Saddle Peak Residence is concerned, the architects opted for drought tolerant plants because this is something that would help the eco-conscious owners cut down on their water usage throughout the year. Even the pool water of this home has a purpose because it can be used with the built-in fire suppression system in the case of fires that often plague Southern California.

Luxurious Living

The owners of Saddle Peak Residence have been in the possession of the property since 1990 but only recently decided to completely overhaul its design and it just goes to show what can be achieved within the confines of an existing structure. AUX Architecture have done a superb job of opening up the living space to make it work for the owners and there is a wonderful sense of luxury and relaxation throughout the interior design aesthetic.

There is certainly no shortage of cool properties in California and you can add the Saddle Peak Residence to that list. Modern internally with an effortlessly cool exterior, AUX Architecture have done a first rate job of breathing new life into an existing structure and plot.

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