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Automotive inspired artwork isn’t always our cup of tea here at Coolector HQ but that was before we came across some rather awesome offerings from World Shut Your Mouth that thoroughly changed our opinion given the rather unparalleled visual appeal.

For any fans of iconic motor vehicles, there are unlikely to be manner better choices of artwork for your home than these superbly stylised prints from World Shut Your Mouth, which is a small print company that is the work of Kansas City resident, Tony Piece, who works as a creative producer as his day job but creates these fantastic prints as a sideline and we’re mightily glad that he does given their spiffing nature.

Incorporating the likes of the 1950 Ford and the Edsel Project, there is plenty for any car enthusiast to enjoy with these ace looking prints and we’re particularly fans of The Red Pig Print here at The Coolector. Each of the prints measures 24′ x 18′ and is printed on silkscreen for an excellent looking finished product. See a few more of the best prints from World Shut Your Mouth below:




For any chap looking for some top notch automotive artwork for their home, there is unlikely to be something much more awesome than these brilliant prints from World Shut Your Mouth to choose from. Boasting a highly distinctive visual appeal and some truly iconic vehicles to choose from, we’re certainly hoping to get our hands on some of this cracking artwork sooner rather than later and can’t wait to see which vehicles come under Pierce’s purview next.

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