Saddleback Simple Backpack

Our hides share a lot of stories. There’s a scar that remind us of a childhood bike ride or a teenager’s foolishness, a callous from taking up rock climbing, and the tattoos that marked things we’d always think were important.

From the day we’re born, our hides gain a story to tell– and the leather goods we carry can do the same. That’s the story behind Saddleback Leather, which makes durability-focused leather bags and accessories in Mexico and Texas.

These “Simple Backpacks” use custom tanned leather, pigskin, neoprene and metal buckles to make a backpack with non-breaking parts. They use Nylon Paracord  for the stitching, and promise the bags will last 100 years, or they will repair/replace them when the fail. Take a look at a few more shots below:



SBL Backpack2

Saddleback’s been considered a little bit controversial ever since they changed their standards for which hides to include or exclude. Some former fans chastised this change as diminishing quality, while others applauded the lack of waste that they are now capable of achieving, making more products from the same number of animals.

While that may have been a marketing guffaw, Saddleback is still the biggest and most robust name in super-durable leather bags. With a price tag to match. So the next time I ask my boss at Coolector HQ for a raise, I’ll be sure to leave my bag at home.

Price: from $448 at Saddleback Leather

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