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We’ve recently embarked on a bit of a fitness kick here at Coolector HQ so we’ve started taking note of fitness based accessories a little more than we perhaps otherwise would so we were understandably intrigued when we saw the announcement of Samsung’s latest offering, the minimalist looking Samsung Gear Fit device and, safe to say, it’s left us impressed.

There’s a lot of interesting features relating to the Samsung Gear Fit that makes it stand out from the increasingly competitive fitness watch crowd. For example, if you add one of these spiffing looking devices to your wrist you’ll be treated to the industry’s first curved, Super AMOLED wearable fitness watch for those who live an active lifestyle.

We’re definitely in the market for a fitness based watch here at The Coolector and the Samsung Gear Fit has bustled itself to the front of our queue courtesy of its impressive array of features. The objective of the Samsung Gear Fit is to be the ultimate in convenience for those sport inclined individuals who want a top performing device which intuitively interacts with the wearer’s lifestyle.

gear fit

So, if you’re in the market for a fitness device in 2014, the Samsung Gear Fit will definitely tick plenty of the right boxes. A few of the most striking specifications of this fantastically crafted device include bluetooth connectivity, interchangeable straps and a 3-4 day battery life with heavy usage.

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