San Anselmo Residence

For those who love a touch of mid-century modern to their architecture and interior design, San Anselmo Residence from Pfau Long Archi18tecture is going to sate that appetite wonderfully well. This magnificent piece of design is located in Marin County in the San Francisco Bay area and boasts some amazing design flourishes that make the most of the space and layout of the property.

The beauty of San Anselmo Residence lies in the fact it has such a retro / modern aesthetic that is the best of both worlds. The property has been designed for an architect and involved an existing 1950s house up on a tree-filled hilltop in Marin County which has been completely rejuvenated courtesy of some excellent work from the architects behind the project, Pfau Long Architecture.

Mid Century Vibes

For this project, the architects kept the original structure but went about updating it and expanded it to 2800 square feet. This project saw the designers transform it into an eco-friendly home through some clever use of materials and design principles. A new wing was added to the existing footprint and, in doing so, they were able to add two bedrooms and a new kitchen and family room.

The architects behind San Anselmo Residence kept the structure’s system of ashlar masonry walls and added new masonry elements that tie into the original walls and do a first class job of anchoring the newly added section to the home. Floor-to-ceiling, insulated glass panels visually enhance the interior to the outdoors living while framing the breathtaking views across the San Francisco Bay area.

Built and updated to be a low energy green home, San Anselmo Residence boasts photo-voltaic panels, solar domestic/hydronic heating, solar pool heating, gray water system, and recycled blue jean insulation. All of these elements combine to make this one of the most eco-friendly homes in the neighbourhood.

Stylish Interiors

Aesthetically superior on the outside, the good news just keeps on coming when you head inside San Anselmo Residence from Pfau Long Architecture. The interior feels contemporary yet cozy with its exposed structure of painted steel beams, Douglas fir panels and glulam beams, which is expertly finished off with stone work and polished concrete floors throughout.

The mid-century modern, Mad Men-esque vibes of San Anselmo Residence is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and we’ll definitely be keeping our eye out on future projects from the architects behind this build. Boasting a pleasingly retro aesthetic and located in one of the most picturesque parts of the San Francisco Bay area – what’s not to like?

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