San Simón Cabins

Located in Bravo Valley in Mexico, San Simón Cabins from Weber Arquitectos is a stunning example of the sort of contemporary architecture which is taking the South American country by storm right now and we’re loving its sleek design and abundant array of eye-catching characteristics here at Coolector HQ. If you’re a fan of modern architecture, read on.

The San Simón Cabins from Weber Arquitectos has some 900m² of living space which provides plenty of options for relaxing and unwinding and the interiors of this residential property have been designed with some considerable aplomb and positively scream luxury and restfulness. It is found within a forest about 20 minutes from the lake in Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, and this property consists of five volumes that are distributed in an area of ​​5,000m2.

Majestic Modern Mexican Architecture

The architects wanted to make sure they did the least amount of impact to the existing vegetation in place, thus, instead of a large joint footprint that required the cutting down of several trees, the different cabins move between the gaps that naturally exist between the trees, and also make sure to integrate them into the architecture at all times – something that really sets San Simón Cabins apart from the competition.

There is a distinct breaking down of the areas into certain functions with San Simón Cabins which includes a cabin for social use, four guest cabins and the main cabin that makes up the client’s home. All the different cabins come with clever orientations that make sure you can take full advantage of natural light and also get exceptional views out towards the beautiful forest landscapes.

All the cabins have their own terrace space for enjoying the warm climate in Mexico and each bathroom has an interior patio with vegetation; Volumetrically they are differentiated from the rooms with a lower height and framed by treated wood lattices that filter the light and provide the right amount of privacy to the residents.

Clever Use of Materials Throughout

It is clear the architects have put a lot of thought and attention into the material choices for San Simón Cabins. The stand out materials include the volcanic stone that covers the walls, in contrast to the stave and local pine beams that form the structure and finish of the lids. The interior layout of this relaxing refuge was brought together with the architecture which consists of clear lines and striking contemporary details.

The furniture and all the decorative elements throughout San Simón Cabins from Weber Arquitectos were chosen and designed by the studio taking into account the wooded environment, giving a very natural appearance through the white oak wood chosen to combine it with the other finishes for an overall aesthetic impact that is unparalleled.

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