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Being on lockdown has given us the opportunity to really delve into the world of watches in search of new watchmakers and one that has captured our attention recently is that of Farr + Swit with their great looking line up of timepieces that look the part without breaking the bank. Inspired by the ethos that time is more than just a number, Farr + Swit measure time not by the hands on our watch, but the moments we make. That’s why they strive to craft quality watches that do more than just track your steps or connect to your smartphone.

Firm believers that the true mark of a fine timepiece is one that lets you define and capture the time that matters most to you and this is something that shines through in their classy line up of men’s watches. The 42mm Seaplane Automatic is the flagship launch of watches from Farr + Swit (with prices starting at $629) and, if these timepieces are anything to go by, this is definitely one watchmaker that you’ll be hearing more from in our opinion here at The Coolector.

For Watch Lovers, By Watch Lovers

Farr + Swit are watch guys, this much is clear. They love the way that a quality timepiece has a way of capturing and collecting the most memorable moments in our life. And for them, most of those moments typically coincide with their love of travel and adventure. The brand was formed out of their desire to create quality accessories that can serve as memento of the many adventures of life – whether it’s pitching investors in the boardroom or heading out into the wild to experience nature.

Farr + Swit’s flagship watch, the Seaplane Automatic, was an accessory born out of the American brand’s passion for first-rate craftsmanship that spans generations. Each one of these classy looking timepieces is made with nothing but the highest quality materials and a meticulous eye for design. This makes the Seaplane Automatic a real stand out timepiece and it boasts a Swiss workhorse automatic movement with each watch being assembled in the USA.

This limited edition series of watches – with only 500 being made available – is already flying off the shelves fast which, considering the excellent value for money on offer here comes as no surprise to us here at Coolector HQ. Each one is assembled to exacting standards in the American midwest and comes dry bag included so that it can come on any adventure that you can think of in 2020 and beyond.

Exemplary Quality

It’s rare to get a timepiece of this quality for as little as $629 and it’s easy to see why timepiece aficionados are snapping up the Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic Collection in their droves. Some of the stand out features of this series of watches from the American watchmaker include the Swiss Sellita SW 200-1 movement, an impressive power reserve of 38 hours and 100m water resistance. The packaging is also incredibly unique with each watch delivered in a recyclable box inside of a 5L drybag which you can see by checking out the video below:

In addition, these majestic looking, adventure ready watches from Farr + Swit also have a sailcloth style strap with blue stitch and deployment clasp or Barton® elite silicone diver strap with quick release so you can change up the aesthetic on the regular. There’s also the choice of Horween leather straps if you prefer. If you’re after a new timepiece post-lockdown and need something that keeps pace with your adventures, look no further than the Seaplane Automatic Collection from Farr + Swit.

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