Santa Monica Canyon House

California is one of our favourite places here at Coolector HQ and Santa Monica is chief amongst the reasons why. This stunning part of the world is home to some truly mesmerising pieces of modern architecture and you can certainly add Santa Monica Canyon House from Conner & Perry Architects to that list. Positioned on a former Forestry Service testing site, this is an interesting spot for a build and the design team have done a first class job of making the most of the plot.

Designed by Conner & Perry Architects, Santa Monica Canyon House has been created for a nature and art-loving couple in California on a property that began life as an old Forestry Service test station in Santa Monica Canyon. The original cabin, which was ultimately demolished, was originally used during the Forestry Service’s Eucalyptus tree testing in the 1910-20s. The couple believed it was important to salvage elements of the original structure for their new home wherever possible and this adds to its appeal still further.

Interesting Backstory

One of the most striking methods the architects used to combine the cabin’s rich history with the more contemporary home was by repurposing fallen Eucalyptus wood found on the property into striking design features within the house, which included the entryway. The architects wanted to create a sense of living amongst the trees and this is something which is evident throughout the aesthetic of the Santa Monica Canyon House.

Contemporary with a traditional edge, it’s hard not to be impressed with Santa Monica Canyon House from Conner & Perry Architects. Some of the most eye-catching design features include windows that frame the outdoor trees and fully pocketing glass exterior walls which have been positioned to open out to a central courtyard where the owners can rest and relax in peace and quiet.

Every view throughout the property was cleverly conceived so as to showcase either nature or the owner’s fine collection of artwork. The owner’s wife, Jamie Price, is the daughter of Dallas Price and a MOCA board member, so she has quite the impressive art collection to display. Art features heavily throughout the property and adds a real visual impact to proceedings.

Top Class Interiors

Interior materials for Santa Monica Canyon House were carefully chosen to reflect the nature that surrounds the property, and this included a mix of massangis grey limestone and french oak for the flooring, weathered brass, blackened steel elements, and a large array of striking marbles and tiles that really catch the eye.

Santa Monica Canyon House is a stunning property that really showcases the architect’s talents in creating contemporary homes and we’re loving the use of artwork throughout the home here at Coolector HQ. Located in one of our favourite parts of the world, this is a first class addition to the ever growing list of amazing modern architecture in California.

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