SARLAG Leather Messenger Bag

We love traditional craftsmen here at Coolector HQ and there are few fields that do this better than the world of bags and accessories but this SARLAG Leather Messenger Bag, which is funding over on Kickstarter right now, has a more interesting backstory than most. It’s not every day that you come across accessories crafted from yak leather but that’s what you get here courtesy of this superb looking messenger bag from Mongolian brand, SARLAG Leather.

The calibre of this leather needs to be seen to be believed and it’s little wonder why this SARLAG Leather Messenger Bag has already flown past its funding target over on the crowdfunding platform. The Mongolian yak lives at an altitude of 3000 meters where temperatures can vary wildly and can be as low as -50°C. Most animals wouldn’t be able to survive this temperature but the compact hide of the SARLAG (yak) protects the animal against these lows and this makes the leather they possess incredibly strong and hard-wearing. 

Nomadic Traditions

The man behind the SARLAG Leather Messenger Bag, Davaadash Adiya, is a Mongolian adventurer and entrepreneur whose parents were Mongolian nomads, living in the Western part of the country. He created this fantastic looking SARLAG Messenger Bag because he saw how the nomadic civilisation and herder’s lives were changing. Namely, they were leaving the nomadic lifestyle and choosing the city life due to the lack of the good revenue.

With this excellent SARLAG Leather Messenger Bag, which can be yours for just €180 during the campaign, Adiya hopes to start a sustainable long-term project to improve the lives of herders and to reduce poverty in the nomadic parts of Mongolia. Another reason to love these SARLAG (yak) leather products is the fact that they just can’t be found anywhere else in the world so there is a real uniqueness to them we’re loving here at The Coolector.

Due to the Mongolian weather conditions, SARLAG (yak) leather is three times more resilient than cowhides, but it is as soft as moose leather – so you’re really getting the best of both worlds here. In addition, it has great tensile strength, which makes it suitable for any outdoor adventures you’ve got planned whether they be wilderness or urban in destination.

Every Bag Is Unique

The way these bags are crafted and the fact that they are made from natural yak leather means every one will have a unique aesthetic and no two will be the same so it adds an additional appeal to proceedings. These great looking accessories are stylish, versatile and have a great cause behind them which we can definitely get behind here at The Coolector.

If you’re in the market for a new carry this spring and summer and want something that doesn’t just look good but does good too, you’ll not go too far wrong with this SARLAG Leather Messenger Bag over on Kickstarter. It has all the storage you’ll need for urban commutes or short breaks and the quality of the material is something you’ll just not find anywhere else. Head on over to Kickstarter now to bag yours for a bargain price.

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