Scout Survival Kit

scout badges

Though I’ve never been in the Scouts nor found myself in a situation where my survival may be in jeopardy, I very much like the idea of having a dapper survival kit that I can keep upon my person should I ever be lost in the wilderness or have a tackle a bear or what-not. Well, Scouts are well-known for their preparedness and if those little chaps had survival kits as awesome as this then I dare say that I missed out quite considerably by not attending Scouts as a youth.

In actuality, this fantastically stylish Scout Survival Kit is the work of design agency, Plus63 Design Co. and it has a distinct Wes Anderson / Moonrise Kingdom vibe to it – which, safe to say, I’m a big fan of. The kit boasts plenty of eccentric and decidedly brilliant little essentials that any would-be scout pitting wits against the wilderness may require – such as a custom geometric Carabao Woggle (yeah, I don’t know either), the Scout handbook, a compass, pencil and the all-important and obligatory neckerchief. Feast your eyes on this survivalist boxset below:


Find out more about this striking survival kit over at Behance.

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