Scrabble Typography Edition

Scrabble Typography Edition

We are unabashed disciples of Scrabble here at The Coolector HQ and we’re always partial to dabbling in a spot of wordsmithery when we can find a willing opponent. Having been aficionados of this word-based jousting match for many a moon now, we always revel when we come across new and impressively designed iterations of the iconic game and we have certainly got exactly that with this Typography Scrabble Set from Andrew Capener.

This eye-catching design definitely puts the “special” in special edition and it boasts the type of extra little touches and features that make The Coolector very happy indeed. Just a few of the best characteristics to be gleamed from this Typography Scrabble Set include the fact it has a walnut covering with a maple base to create a mightily impressive visual impact, solid walnut tile racks, stitched score book, stylised typography tiles and a built-in lazy-Susan – all in all, the type of Scrabble set that makes you fall back in love with the game if, indeed, you had deigned to fall out of love with it in the first place. See why we’ve been wowed so extensively by Capener’s Typography Scrabble Set in the images below:


The typography in this superb special edition Scrabble set boasts 15 fonts that have never before set foot on a Scrabble board and this, I think you’ll (perhaps) agree, is pretty cool. We’re big fans of this cracking edition of a classic and we can’t wait to bust out our infamous triple word scores on this undeniably dapper board.

Price: $200

Find the Andrew Capener Typograhy Scrabble set online at Winning Solutions.

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