Scrambler E-Bike

Finding the perfect set of wheels is no mean feat for urban commuters looking for the ideal two-wheeled ally to get around town on but one that can also cut loose on the weekends. Well, we may have just uncovered the best possible solution in the form of this cracking construct that goes by the name of the Scrambler E-Bike.

This amazing looking steed is the brainchild of Netherlands based, customer bike workshop Timmermans Fietsen who have come up with an aesthetically superior and fantastically well crafted machine that boasts plenty of top class features that are sure to appeal to the cycling and tech inclined.

Just some of the most impressive features that we’ve discerned from this brilliant looking bike include robust studded tires, a heightened handlebar, a bespoke built grille and the Scrambler E-Bike is also equipped with a 3 speed hub, a Supernova rear light, a Luna Cycle Color Display, Avid BB7 disc brakes, ABUS Cycling folding lock, Gates Carbon Drive Belt and a super cool Lepper saddle. Check out a few more shots below:

Scrambler Bike 1a

Scrambler Bike 3

Scrambler Bike 4

Scrambler Bike 5

Scrambler Bike 6

Scrambler Bike 7

Scrambler Bike 12

Scrambler Bike 11

As you can see, there is a distinct retro aesthetic and appeal to this Scrambler E-Bike and we’re massive fans of its design here at The Coolector. If you’re in the market for a new machine for pootling around town on, this is surely one of the lead contenders and, better still, it is available in 25KPH or 45KPH versions depending on how much of a speed freak you are.

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