Sean Woolsey Pool Table

There are some designers out there who have a real flair for furniture design and, it’s fair to say, Sean Woolsey is one such name in our eyes here at Coolector HQ given that we’ve covered so many of his excellent pieces to date. We’re particularly fond of his sports pieces, most notably his ping pong table, so we were delighted to see him enter the world of sports again with this awesome looking Sean Woolsey Pool Table.

The Sean Woolsey Pool Table is about as high end as it gets and if you’ve got a games room that you really want to class up a bit, this is the ideal addition. Every element of the design with this magnificent construct was meticulously planned for exceptional design and performance and the quality materials used throughout will make it stand out from the crowd and ensure that the finished product really is one of the best in the business.

Stand Out Design

Eye catching in the extreme, the Sean Woolsey Pool Table boasts premium grade American black walnut for the rails and legs alongside a solid steel structure which supports the hefty base and provides the strength to support a lean in to make those shots into the corner pocket.The base of the table is powder coated black for a supremely cool, stealthy aesthetic that we’re loving at Coolector HQ. A stunning, fine combed, black pro tour felt gives the table an immeasurably luxurious feel and this felt is wrapped around solid Brazilian slate.

The Sean Woolsey Pool Table has handmade inset drop pockets made from rich black leather to elegant house the balls after you’ve made that killer shot. You’ll also find hand blackened brass rail protectors, brought to life by the Woolsey logo, which harmonises fantastically well with the walnut rails. Black epoxy rail sights are embedded into the walnut which is ideally suited to perfectly aligning your shots.

It’s not just the pool table that has the luxurious Sean Woolsey stamp on it, each one also comes with a handcrafted walnut triangle with highly unusual and striking maple splines, an exclusive set of pro balls, two 57″ and one 42″ premium fibreglass cues, not to mention an abundance of black chalk to keep your cue working at its best. All these elements combine to make this one of the most aspirational pool tables on the market and, as you might expect, it doesn’t come cheap, with an introductory price tag of some $25k.

Pool Perfection

Sean Woolsey has got a real eye for the extraordinary when it comes to design and, as with a lot of his designs, walnut features heavily with the Woolsey Pool Table which really is one of the most attractive, stylish and luxurious examples of this form of sport apparatus that you’re likely to encounter and is definitely a welcome addition to Woolsey’s already mighty impressive array of designer furniture.

For those of you with deep pockets and a desire to add one of the coolest pool tables imaginable to your games room, the Sean Woolsey Pool Table is going to tick all of the right boxes. Sumptuously well crafted and boasting an unparalleled aesthetic appeal, this mesmerising piece of sports equipment is definitely the sort of thing we’d love to see residing in Coolector HQ sooner rather than later.

Leo Davie