Sean Woolsey Studio Pool Table

Given that most of us are confined to the same four walls for the foreseeable future, it goes without saying that we’re looking for things to fill the time and, though its considerably outside of our budget here at Coolector HQ, this Sean Woolsey Studio Pool Table will be tough to beat. Wonderfully well made and boasting a highly attractive design aesthetic, this pool table will add considerably to the visual impact of whichever room you place it.

The Sean Woolsey Studio Pool Table has an eye-watering price-tag of $27,250 which, while frightfully expensive, points to the quality of the craftsmanship and high end materials used throughout its construction. This brilliant table is made to be enjoyed and admired by amateurs and pool pros alike. Each element, design, and detail was carefully picked with performance in mind and, as you’re likely aware Sean Woolsey Studio never shy away from head-turning curb appeal.

Exemplary Design & Craftsmanship

Pool is definitely one of the most entertaining activities that you can play whilst you’re at home and though most of us won’t have the requisite readies to get our hands on this Sean Woolsey Studio Pool Table, for those who can, it is definitely one of the best in the business. Black epoxy rail sights have been embedded into the walnut for aligning your shots; so even if you’re not the best pool player, this table makes sure you look good anyway.

The Sean Woolsey Studio Pool Table ($27,250) has rails and legs which have been crafted out of real premium grade American black walnut, and a solid steel structure support which means that you can truly lean into that shot fearlessly. A sophisticated fine-combed black pro felt has been wrapped around solid Brazilian slate (three pieces) which makes for a mighty classy game all around.

Inset modern drop pockets with black leather are complemented on this pool table by the hand blackened, black rail protectors and logo badge because the beauty of this piece really is revealed in the details. Each one of these pool tables comes with a handcrafted walnut triangle, an exclusive pro ball set, two 57” and one 42” premium fibreglass cue sticks, and plenty of black chalk so you’ll have everything you need for a pool marathon during the lockdown.

Versatile Performance

For those who want a touch more versatility with their home activities, this Sean Woolsey Studio Pool Table has got your back. They have created a two-piece tempered glass conversion top to transform the pool table in just a matter of moments into a table tennis or dining table. It comes with a net, 2 paddles, and balls. So you can play whatever you’d like. 

This is regulation size, an 8-foot pool table so you’ll need a big room in which to deploy it and the overall size of table is 104.5″ x 60.5″ x 30.5. We’re big pool fans here at Coolector HQ and are missing heading to the pub for a frame or two and though its unlikely we’ll be adding this particular table to the HQ any time soon, owning a pool table definitely appeals and one of this calibre is the dream.

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