SēL MKI OmniDiver Watch

In our experience here at Coolector HQ, it is clearly apparent that not all watches are created equal and for those men who need a timepiece that can keep pace with any type of adventure or environment, the options are fairly limited. If you aspire to excel in extreme environments, you’ll need a watch which is made in a certain way, from certain materials and you’ll find few better candidates for the job than the extraordinarily robust SēL MKI OmniDiver Watch.

SēL Instrument is an R&D focused high-performance watch manufacturer who operate out of Arizona, USA. Starting back in 2013, their focus has been to challenge and deconstruct many traditional features in watchmaking and re-engineer superior solutions for rugged field instruments. There are few better examples of this in action than the SēL MKI OmniDiver Watch. This exceptional timepiece isn’t just aesthetically dominating, it is chock full of unique features that will help to set it apart from the competition and with a price tag of $4875, this is the sort of heritage watch which you will want to pass from one generation to the next.

Uniquely Innovative Design

One of the stand out design features of the SēL MKI OmniDiver Watch is its clasp which can change daily to suit you. The clasp is machined from solid titanium, gives you 24mm incremental adjustment (4mm increments) and a 14mm auxiliary extension. That’s 38mm total adjustment without any tools needed to make these adjustments. In addition, when the clasp is closed, the design puts all of the stress forces into the solid titanium bottom plate instead of the hinge and catch like a trifold does so it will withstand pretty much anything you can throw at it.

The SēL MKI OmniDiver Watch (from $4875) puts an emphasis on the use of quality materials throughout its construction and uses grade 5 titanium for the casing, clasp and bracelet. The OmniDiver’s Kyropoulos sapphire is better protected in a shock-isolating suspension mount to help lessen the likelihood of fracture from strong impacts and to protect it thermodynamically from severe changes in temperature.

A high quality movement is another reason that this OmniDiver Watch from SēL Instrument has left us so impressed here at The Coolector. It uses a next generation temperature compensating ETA movement which is capable of plus or minus 10 seconds per year accuracy. That’s significantly better than the COSC standard for certified quartz or mechanical chronometers so it’s easy to see why this timepiece is proving popular with those serious about their underwater adventures.

Robust As They Come

Durability and no-nonsense performance is the name of the game with the SēL MKI OmniDiver Watch has 20x industry standard water resistance courtesy of special two-stage seals with separate low-pressure and high-pressure seals that react dynamically to hydrostatic pressure. In addition, SēL have exceeded all industry standards for mass, balance, and inertia optimisation of their high visibility hand sets to reduce the effects of impact force.

SēL crowns are positioned at 6H between the inner lugs for protection against impact and the extra comfort of no protrusions in the arm and hand contact areas and SēL bracelets are solid titanium links and cross bars ideally spaced to let mud, sand, and grit to pass through for straightforward cleaning. Last but by no means least, each one of these watches ships in a custom Pelican 1300 box with selected accessories like WavLock Bracelet, ZULU straps, lug adapters, and a complete Wiha tool kit to size and service all user serviceable parts like the bracelet and lugs.

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