Sempli Monti Beer Glasses

It’s not exactly a secret that we love our beer here at Coolector HQ and if there’s one thing that can ramp up the enjoyment of a craft ale, it’s an awesome piece of glassware and that, sir, is why we direct your attention towards these rather spiffing Sempli Monti Beer Glasses.

Sempli are the design company of Swedish born, Italy based designer, Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro, that is synonymous with striking glassware and these brilliant looking Monti Beer Glasses which are available in a number of different, eye-catching shapes are definitely our next vessel of choice for imbibing the craft beers.

With four different styles to choose from, the Monti Beer Glasses from Sempli are geared towards the different types of beers out there – one for an IPA, one for pilsner, one for pints and one for 12oz bottles – these top notch pieces of glassware have got all the bases covered. Take a look at a few more shots below:

Birra_Filled_Square-1 IPA_Filled_Square-1-2 Pilsner_Filled_Square-1-2 beerq1

If, like us, you’ve got an affinity for all things beer related then you’ll join us in loving these superb looking pieces of glassware from Sempli and if you’re in the market for some new conduits of ale drinking awesomeness, you’re not likely to find any better than this.

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