The environment in which we live is constantly changing, temperatures fluctuate, humidity goes up and down. Whilst this won’t matter to many out there, there are plenty who depend on having accurate and up-to-date data on the prevailing conditions in a room or space at any given time and, for those people, there is the technologically impressive and super-cool looking Sensorist.

Permit us here at The Coolector what the Sensorist is and why it is such a spiffing little device for all sorts of reasons. It is perhaps best to let the chaps at Sensorist describe it in their own words before we have a stab at it:

Sensorist are online wireless sensor systems that measure temperature and humidity around the clock

Put simply, you’ll never be out of the loop regarding the temperature of a room again and this will come in handy in all sorts of scenarios, such as wine cellars, greenhouses, garages and pretty much any other space in which temperature regulation is of the utmost importance.




To ensure optimal temperature requirements for any room, the Sensorist will be your new best friend and make it a walk in the park to climate control any room in a much more accurate and straightforward manner. The Sensorist Gateway sends wireless communication to the sensors and can receive data from 50+ sensors within 100 meters without any problems so it will provide an incredibly accurate overview of the prevailing temperatures of any space.


All these pieces of temperature data can be delivered simply and effectively to the palm of your hand via the Sensorist App for smartphones so for anyone who really does want an exceptionally accurate overview of temperatures 24/7 then this pipe dream is now a reality courtesy of the talented chaps over at Sensorist.

We here at The Coolector are mightily impressed with the capabilities of the Sensorist and dare say there will be plenty of people out there just as impressed as we have been.

Price: €235 (for the complete set)

Available: Sensorist

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