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When it comes to brands that make great outerwear, we’re not going to lie, we’re going to put faith in those from Scandinavia and Norwegian outwear specialists, SERAC, are a prime example of why this is the case. Weather conditions in Norway can be quite uncompromising at times and you’ll need a jacket that’s going to keep the wind, rain and snow at bay and these brilliant looking offerings are sure to keep your warm and dry.

SERAC have a tagline of “Cover your Everyday and it seems apt for a outerwear purveyor so adept at delivering bold, robust and stylish apparel that really will keep you looking cool and keeping warm during the cold winter months. The fantastic, small but perfectly formed selection of jackets (currently standing at three) are the ideal choice for those who like a stealthy looking piece of outerwear which is purpose built for keeping the elements at bay.

Norwegian Know-How

SERAC are a new brand that have their roots and were founded in Norway and their objective is to deliver outerwear of such character and tangible quality that they’ll make the words “wear and care” as self-evident as they are modern. Their jackets are born from a belief that a lack of care for our clothing means in an ever more rapid devaluation and tossing aside of our possessions but such is the immeasurable quality of SERAC Outerwear it is sure to stand the test of time and be your go-to piece of outerwear when the weather is looking miserable.

Jackets are an important business when you live in cold climate countries and the top notch selection from SERAC have certainly left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ. Consisting of the T1, T2 and T3 Jackets, the SERAC range of outerwear is second to none and the quality of the materials used in the construction of these jackets are the fundamental reason that they deliver such impressive results in terms of both style and comfort.

The T1 Jacket from SERAC with a down collar and a hood, alongside a Primaloft® Down insulated waterpoof and washable finish making it their warmest jacket that offers the most protection from the elements. The T2 Jacket boasts a clean aesthetic and superb fit, alongside an innovative design which provides an excellent freedom of movement. It also has premium down insulation, waterproof waxed cotton and impregnated wool ideally suited to keeping you warm and dry in winter. Last but not least, SERAC’s T3 Jacket is agile, stylish and functional and garners more character the more it’s worn. Crafted for movement and boasting exceptional down quality and waterproof 3L Staywax® cotton this is a supremely robust piece of outerwear.

Manoeuvrability the Key

Freedom of movement is central to the pieces from SERAC and if you’re after a jacket that looks great and lets you be as active as you want to be this winter, look no further than the T1, T2 and T3. This exemplary Norwegian brand pick materials that are moulded by and responsive to their wearer so they get better with age and fit in with your lifestyle. First rate performance coupled with eye-catching style makes these real stand out candidates to be your next jacket.

We’re big fans of those who put quality front and centre with their design and craftsmanship and this is certainly true of SERAC and the quality positively shines through.  The final piece of the jigsaw with these great jackets is their interchangeable collars. Each coat boasts a cleverly designed collar system which means you can continuously change to new collars when you feel your outerwear need an update. Though their selection of apparel is currently on the small side, the quality is in a league of its own and these will make the ideal ally for any winter adventure you’ve got planned over the next few months.

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