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Finding new beers to drink is an exploration in its own right and we’re nothing if not intrepid when it comes to sourcing new beers here at Coolector HQ and we’ve recently come across some perfect ales for those with a pioneering spirit which have been conceived by the same chaps behind the Shackleton Banjo we featured on the pages of The Coolector some time back and, as you might expect, their new range of Shackleton Beers are inspired by the inimitable explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton.

The objective of Shackleton Beers is to capture the heroic spirit of Sir Shackleton who, in 1914, embarked on an extraordinary and epic adventure to the Antarctic which has become the stuff of lore for the bravery and courage shown by him and his men. Symbolising the Golden Age of Polar exploration, these Shackleton Beers boast a tag-line of “Vital Mental Medicine” which Shackleton used to describe the banjo taken on their journey to the Antarctic and which help keep them sane, so it’s a very fitting name for a beer created by a company famous for their banjo.

Shackleton Beer is currently available in three different varieties to cater to differing ale tastes – Centenary Bitter, Endurance Dark Bitter and The Boss Golden Pale Ale – and we here at Coolector HQ can safely say that we like the look of them all. These delicious looking beers have been brewed on behalf of The Great British Banjo Company by the Ole Slewfoot Brewery in Norfolk and we’re delighted to report that they’ve come together to get their branding spot on. Check out a shot of Shackleton Beer below:


If you’re going to drink beer, you might as well opt for one that has a genuine hero and adventure pioneer as its inspiration and that’s exactly what you’ll find with these Shackleton Beers.

We’re all for discovering new beers here at The Coolector and whilst this thirst for discovery is driven my by, errrrr, thirst than Shackleton’s venturing into the unknown, we’re pleased that our beer journey lead us to the shores of Shackleton Beers.

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