Shinola Muhammad Ali Collection

The is little doubting that Muhammad Ali was one of, if not the, greatest boxers of all time and Shinola are definitely one of our favourite watchmakers of late here at Coolector HQ so we were delighted to see this Detroit based watchmaker and lifestyle brand turning their attention to one of pugilism’s most iconic characters and creating a series of products about the boxing legend, Muhammad Ali.

Needless to say, the flagship piece from the Shinola Muhammad Ali collection is a timepiece and a mightily striking one at that and for anyone with a love of statement watches with a touch of the extraordinary, this exemplary timepiece will tick all the right boxes.

A limited edition offering, there will be just 400 of these Shinola Muhammad Ali watches produced and each one comes in its own hickory box and boasts a luxurious brown alligator leather strap with distinctive red back. Each watch also comes with three limited edition prints from acclaimed sports photographer, Thomas Hoepker, that captures Ali in his prime. It’s not just the watch that forms this collection and you can see a few more pieces from this cracking series of Ali inspired products below:








If you’ve been looking for an outlet for your Cassius Clay love then this awesome series of Muhammad Ali inspired pieces from one of Detroit’s finest, Shinola, should sate your appetite pretty well. With the amazing looking timepiece forming the cornerstone of this collection and ably supported by an excellent looking bicycle and various other bits and pieces, this really is a great celebration of boxing’s most iconic character.

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