Shot Scope V2

We’ve played golf enough here at Coolector HQ to know just how frustrating it can be when things aren’t going your way out on the fairways and greens of your favourite golf course so anything that can help swing the odds back in your favour is alright in our books. For those of you with a love of golf and a desire to ramp up your capabilities, this brilliantly conceived Shot Scope V2 is certainly something that should be on your radar for the next time you head out on the golf cart.

Billed as the ultimate golf watch, the Shot Scope V2 has plenty of eye-catching features that are sure to appeal to the golfing set such as GPS tracking, automated performance tracking and an LCD screen which will display your distance to the green from anywhere on the fairway – no more relying on your caddy. Technologically superior and geared towards enhancing your enjoyment of your round and the quality of your performance, the Shot Scope V2 is available to pre-order now.

Hole in One

A highly intuitive and useful device for keen golfers, the Shot Scope V2  is capable of combining both GPS yardages and a fully automatic performance tracking. The company’s in-house engineers have crafted a device that meets the needs of the contemporary, tech loving golfer whilst also maintaining Shot Scope’s trademark automatic club recognition technology and detailed performance statistics for the ultimate in golf enhancing technology.

The Shot Scope V2 boasts three modes to match the different playing styles and requirements of different players – namely, GPS, PRO and GPS+TRACK – and each mode has been carefully developed to offer the ultimate flexibility to fit in with how you play your round. In both GPS and GPS+TRACK modes, the LCD screen will display distances to the front, middle and back of the green from the golfer’s real-time position using SMART GPS so it will help take the guess work out of your putting game and assist you in getting that handicap down.

Golf can be an unforgiving sport but with the Shot Scope V2 on your wrist, and in your smartphone, your chances of a successful round are increased significantly. The watch watch works away in the background without interfering with your game to collect over 100 Tour-level statistics which are then broken down into five areas – these being clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game and putting. This data can then be analysed to assess your round and see where you did well and areas that there are for improvement.


There is a lot of impressive technology and features to the Shot Scope V2 device such as an 8 hour battery life that ensures it will last your round of golf and a 4GB memory that will be capable of storing a vast amount of statistics about your golfing game. It also uses the proprietary course mapping data that made their original device so popular which has been compiled and quality checked by a team of elite golfers to ensure its accuracy and usefulness to players.

Available for pre-order now, for a bargain introductory price we might add, we’re in little doubt that the Shot Scope V2 will positively fly off the shelves and onto the wrists of golf lovers the world over and, if you count yourself amongst this fraternity, then head on over to their site now and bag yours for a bargain price.

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