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We’re not quite sure how our favourite artist here at Coolector HQ, Simon Stålenhag, manages to find the time to create new pieces of artwork considering he’s got a TV show in the works and numbers amazing books to promote but somehow he does and we’re mighty glad for it because we love seeing new pieces of dystopian style art from his ridiculously creative mind. Though, and understandably, there aren’t as many new pieces to be enjoyed with quite the same regularity, the quality never dips and the latest releases from Stålenhag are expectedly awesome.

If you’ve read The Coolector even remotely regularly, you’ll be only too aware of the frequency with which we’ve covered the artwork of Simon Stålenhag and we’re huge fans of the darkly dystopian style world he has created (and which has become hugely popular to the point that Amazon commissioned a TV show based on his amazing Tales From The Loop artwork). The latest creations tap into this creative pool once again and, needless to say, we love it.

Familiar Future

It is the eerily familiar but unnatural nature of the tech in the artwork of Simon Stålenhag which is his trademark design flourish and it is in evidence once again with his latest collection of pieces which are just as dark, brooding and atmospheric as we’ve come to expect from this master Swedish artist. If you’re familiar with his work, this will immediately resonate and, if you’re not, you’ve been missing out on awesomeness for years now.

This latest series of artwork from Simon Stålenhag again consists of stark countryside locations and derelict looking futuristic machinery dotted about and there really is so much attention to detail that goes into each and every one of his creations that each time you look at it again, you’re likely to catch something new that you didn’t see on first viewing. This is exactly the type of artwork we love at The Coolector and if you’re after the ultimate coffee table book, Stålenhag has some absolute belters.

Simon Stålenhag’s incredibly imaginative images and stories depict illusive sci-fi phenomena in mundane, hyper-realistic Scandinavian and American landscapes and have made the talented Swede amongst the most sought-after visual storytellers in the world. Tales from the Loop was ranked one of the “10 Best Dystopias” by The Guardian, along with such works as Franz Kafka’s The Trial and Andrew Niccol’s Gattaca.

Dystopian Perfection

There are so many great pieces of artwork from Simon Stålenhag to be enjoyed already and when he adds more into the mix, it’s definitely a great time here at Coolector HQ as we’re always waiting for his new pieces and when they do come out they never disappoint.

We’re eagerly awaiting the Amazon Tales From The Loop TV show and until that hits the small screen, the trickle of artwork releases from Stålenhag will more than tide us over. If you’ve not discovered the artwork of this uber-talented Swede before then you’re in for a treat in going over his back catalogue.

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