Simon Stalenhag Latest Work

Simon Stalenhag is one of our favourite artists by far here at Coolector HQ and it never ceases to amaze us at just how prolific the talented Swedish painter is and just how quickly he is able to release new pieces for us all to enjoy.

We’ll we’re delighted to report that the regular fixture on the pages of The Coolector has been at it once again and has released a whole new bunch of stunning artwork following in the rich tradition of jarring dystopian style imagery that never fails to impress. If, like us, you love Simon Stalenhag’s work, take a moment to soak in his incredible latest collection of pieces below:










The calibre of Stalenhag’s artwork is, in our opinion here at The Coolector, second to none and the superb work he has established himself with is in evidence once again with his latest collection of pieces. The sheer creativity and myriad of ideas the permeate his artwork is always jaw-dropping and the Swede hasn’t disappointed with this latest series.

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