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Our willpower at Coolector HQ is decidedly lacking when it comes to eating healthily and we’ll inevitably gravitate towards the unhealthier foods but we do occasionally go through bouts of driving to eat and drink better and, it is during these times, that the likes of Soylent Coffiest come to our attention.

Soylent Coffiest is billed as being a balanced breakfast and your morning hit of coffee all in one and for those of us who struggle to find the time to whip up a nutritious breakfast, this might just be the ideal compromise. This superb little offering boasts 400 calories of complete plant-based nutrition and the same caffeine as a strong cup of coffee so it should keep you ticking over until lunch and beyond.

We love coffee at Coolector HQ (healthy food, not so much) but it is perhaps the awesome branding that drew our attention to Soylent Coffiest. If you’ve been on the hunt for something to invigorate you in the morning and provide you with a good hit of nutrients, this might just be what the doctored ordered. Check out a few more shots below:





Costing a mere $37 for 12 bottles of Coffiest, this monthly subscription from Soylent will definitely appeal to those who live their life in the fast lane and want something quick and easy that they can grab in the morning to kickstart their day.

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