Simon Stålenhag Paintings

It’s that time of year again when we’ve waiting a few months and have given the impeccably talented Simon Stålenhag time to create more awesome artwork for us to enjoy and we’re now showcasing the skilled Swede’s artwork on the pages of The Coolector for the fifth or sixth time and we’re not sorry at all such is the out and out excellence of his pieces.

Famed for his jarring futuristic yet strangely familiar paintings, Stålenhag has again raised the bar with his latest collection of paintings which follow on from his ongoing theme and does so to glorious effect.

With a number of new pieces to be enjoyed such as The Engineer above, if you’ve grown to be a fan of this out of this world series of art then you’ll definitely be pleased with what Stålenhag has to offer once again. Take a look at a few of our favourites from his latest collection here at Coolector HQ below:









It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that Simon Stålenhag is our favourite artist here at Coolector HQ and his robot uprising type artwork is very much to our liking aesthetically. If you love your artwork on the unusual end of the spectrum, there’s no doubting that you’re going to love the work of Stålenhag as well and, as per usual, we can’t wait to make our tri-annual pilgrimage to his website to drink in his latest work in a few months time.

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