For those of you eagerly anticipating heading into the wild in the next few months and want to make sure that you’re well prepared for even the most remote of adventures, you might well do well to grab yourself an excellent looking bit of kit which goes by the name of Beartooth and which could just save your bacon in a pinch.

The Beartooth is a brand spanking new communication device which deals with one of the most common problems that adventure lovers encounter in the great outdoors – namely, a complete lack of signal and no means by which to communicate with the outside world. The Beartooth device allows you to connect with other users via your smartphone even if you find yourself in an area with no signal and if you find yourself in a precarious situation, it could be a lifesaver.

Extremely small and portable, the Beartooth communication device is currently available for pre-order at 50% off its retail price and if you’ve got some adventures planned over the next few months, getting your hands on one seems like the way to go. Check out a few more shots below:








Gadgets like the Beartooth definitely come in handy on trips out into the wild and the added peace of mind alone that comes from knowing you’re not going to find yourself out of contact with the outside world is worth its weight in gold. Compatible with both iOS and Android, the Beartooth looks very much like it will become the next camping essential when it is released properly in a month or so.

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