Sitka Hobo Knife

Sitka hobo knife

Canada does not, as far as I’m aware, have a particularly pressing problem with vagrancy but it does have a lot of wilderness so they are more sparsely populated I suppose. Well, the good chaps over at Canadian lifestyle brand, Sitka, have made sure that their countryfolk currently lacking in a fixed abode are well equipped for any hardships that they may encounter with this dapper Sitka Hobo Knife.

Boasting all the tools that you’re likely to need during a life of vagrancy including a knife, fork, spoon and the all-important bottle opener (but an oversight in lack of bear repellent), this is definitely the ultimate accessory for those living a life out on the open road. Whilst I doubt that the marketing chaps at Sitka (who designed the eye-catching tool alongside American knifemakers Case XX) intending for this piece to be solely targeted at vagrants so they’ve made it look, quite frankly, awesome and slapped a $120 price-tag on the piece that will likely give most hobos pause for thought before deciding whether it’s the right implement for them. Pocketing a few pieces of cutlery from Starbucks would perhaps be the more viable option.

This minor price-point quibble aside, I’d love to own one of these Sitka Hobo Knives but, truth be told, I live a pretty sheltered existence that renders its tools rather obsolete. Though I’d definitely find a use for the bottle opener.*

* Opening bottles of beer, you understand. Not poking hobos who try and steal my knife.

Check out some great shots of the Sitka below:


Find out more about the Sitka Hobo Knife HERE.

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