3D Printed Shoes

3D Printed Shoe

With 3D printer technology now taking off in a pretty big way, it is an innovation that has, potentially, got all the hallmarks of a game-changer in terms of the way consumers interact with the high-street and go about purchasing their wares. If this eye-catching 3D Printed Shoe Concept by Pensar over at Behance is anything to go by then you’ll definitely want to get in on the ground floor with whatever the future of 3D printing holds. I’ll be there too. I’ll be the one with the Guinness. And humongous self-3D printed beer helmet. Patent pending.

Pensar have patently seen an opportunity to wow consumers early on and they are proferring the rather enticing suggestion of physically moulding shoes to the end users unique specifications and biomechanics which, safe to say, should lead to a mightily comfortable pair of shoes. Not that I go jogging nor involve myself in any form of physical exertion but, if I did, then I think I’d like to be rocking a pair of these 3D printed shoes because they certainly seem capable of ramping up the comfort levels considerably.

But, let’s face it, shoe comfort is the last thing that is stopping me from running – thirty years of beer drinking (I started early given I’m only 31) and a general lethargy towards anything that vaguely represents anaerobic exercise are my main two crosses to bear before I can think about embarking on a jogging routine. I very much like the idea of having footwear crafted to my own specifications so I’ll certainly be rooting for concepts like this to hit the ground running and I’m sure that, with the considerable interest in 3D printing technology of late, there’s every chance that we will be donning a pair of these printed shoes to go for a run in a year or so’s time. I won’t. I will be getting fat on the sofa.

My only reservation is that, with every printer I’ve ever owned I’ve literally stopped using the minute the ink catridge ran out but, as I assume that 3D printers run on magic, this shouldn’t be an issue here.

Check out some of the corking images below of this concept idea:


Check it out at Behance.

Leo Davie