Skate Guitars

Skateboards are mighty versatile pieces and we’ve seen them used to create all sorts of other items here at Coolector HQ and you can now add skateboards to that list courtesy of these rather excellent looking Skate Guitars. Born from a love of two things – yep, you guessed it, skateboarding and music – Skate Guitars are are professional quality instruments which have been entirely made from skateboards.

Skate Guitars are certainly some of the most visually striking instruments that you’re likely to encounter and the clever way in which they repurpose unused skateboards is something to be applauded. If you’ve got a penchant for all things musical and skateboard related then these brilliantly made and conceived guitars are definitely going to be right up your street and there are already four different versions from which to choose.

Guitar Greatness

For those that like to travel around on road trips and overseas adventures, these Skate Guitars make the ideal companion for your trip. As a result of it’s weight, size and extremely resistant materials, these brilliant pieces really do make the perfect travel guitar. It is a unique and professional instrument that you won’t find anywhere else and the unconventional materials and design makes them a collectable piece of musical awesomeness.

Priced at around $299, these Skate Guitars don’t break the bank and do provide a visual impact quite unlike any other guitar on the market. The fact they still carry some of the artwork from the previous skateboard from which they’re crafted really makes them stand out from the crowd and whenever you whip one of these out to play some of your favourite tunes, it goes without saying that you’re going to be turning heads aplenty.

The Skate Guitars are the result of experimenting with skateboards to build guitars and during this time, the guys at Skate Guitars discovered many peculiarities in terms of their function and sound. Due to its shape and method of construction by layers of Maple they were able to create a structurally resistant instrument with an excellent attack and brightness, which makes it ideal for all kinds of configurations.

Eye-Catching Design

Needless to say it is the use of old skateboards that is the unique selling point of these fantastic looking guitars and they will be the perfect gift for anyone that loves either (or both) pursuits. A great price tag of under $300 is mighty reasonable given just how cool and unusual these guitars are and the Skate Guitars brand has come off the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign which shows that there is no shortage of interest in these brilliant looking instruments.

For anyone on the hunt for an eye-catching new musical instrument in 2019, you’ll not go too far wrong with one of the four designs available from Skate Guitars. Vibrant design and first class craftsmanship combine to make these a wonderful addition to any musician’s or skateboarder’s home.

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