Slashed Sofa & Ottoman

If you’re the sort that likes your furniture unconventional then you’ll likely want to sit up and take notice of the Slashed Sofa & Ottoman by British design, Charlotte Kingsnorth, as it’s a striking, unusual and wonderfully comfortable looking piece of designer furniture will definitely turn heads when you deploy it in your home or office.

The Slashed Sofa & Ottoman by Charlotte Kingsnorth is certainly in a league of its own when it comes to the quirky stakes and if you’re in the market for some designer furniture that will really ramp up the aesthetics of your home then look no further.

The designer uses a bold slash across the middle of the sofa to create an eruption of sorts which reveals the interior of the furniture and provides a comfortable and eye-catching seating area. Check out a few more shots below:





A great piece of design which is genuinely unusual, the Slashed Sofa and Ottoman from Charlotte Kingsnorth will be perfectly suited to modern style homes that need their furniture to have a bit of something about it and that is certainly something which can be said of this cracking piece of designer furniture. Crafted from stainless steel and upholstered foam, its sturdy and comfortable and one of the most eye-catching pieces of furniture we’ve seen in some time here at Coolector HQ.

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