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For any commuter or travel who ports their wares around in a backpack, chances are you will, have one point or other, worried about some nefarious so and so seeing your backpack as a lucky dip and helping themselves to what’s inside as you stand oblivious to their light-fingered endeavours. Well, sir, this is something that may no longer cause you sleepless nights (if indeed it did) courtesy of a rather spiffing piece of design doing the rounds on Kickstarter which goes by the name of the Riut Backwards Backpack.

Described as being the rucksack revolution, the Riut Backwards Backpack has been tested thoroughly to be as secure as possible in deterring would be thieves and boasts a clever piece of design to facilitate this. With each of the zips on the Riut Backwards Backpack placed against your back, it instantly becomes much more difficult for some to rifle through your possessions on a busy tube or out on the streets without your knowledge and the stylish design is backed up with top notch materials to create an eye-catching and supremely versatile carry that will help keep your possessions safe whilst on the go.

The Riut Backwards Backpack is available in a number of different sizes and colourways to suit your requirements and each provides space for the gadgetry and day to day bits and pieces that you’re likely to carry around. With the zips nestled against your back, someone standing behind you no longer has easier access to your backpack than you do and that is the problem the Riut Backpack aims to remedy. Check out a few more shots below:





Solving a problem that is all too common, we dare say that there will be plenty of takers for this cracking little accessory and if you’ve got concerns about the safety of your property on public transport or when you’re travelling around then the Riut Backwards Backpack should certainly help allay some of those fears. There is plenty of time to throw your support behind the project if you’ve liked what you’ve seen.

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