The Slate Hotel, Phuket

A hidden gem in Phuket located close to a quiet beach and well away from the throng of crowds in Patong. Luxurious in the extreme, impeccably tranquil and stunning accommodation make this a must visit for anyone heading to Phuket in 2017 and beyond.


Though when we stayed here a short while back it was known as The Indigo Pearl Hotel, it’s plain to see that it’s lost nothing in its name transition to The Slate Hotel because, quite frankly, this was one of the most mesmerising resorts we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ and unquestionably one of the finest places to relax and unwind on the Thai island of Phuket.

Phuket is a pretty magical place with incredible beaches and jaw-dropping scenery more or less everywhere you look but when you enter the resort of The Slate Hotel, the outside would fades away and you’re just left with the sheer sense of serenity and relaxation that comes from the superb atmosphere and amenities of this breathtaking hotel.

Finding hotels in Thailand isn’t difficult but finding ones of this calibre isn’t quite as easy and you’ll not believe how much attention to detail has gone into each and every element of The Slate Hotel in Phuket and we were positively in our element from first minute until last here at Coolector HQ.

The Slate Hotel, as it now known, delivers luxury from the minute you step into the grandiose lobby which is filled with elegant and bold Asian design features which immediately draw the eye and the sort of rustic aesthetic that we’re such big advocates of at The Coolector. If you want to experience Thai hospitality and luxury at its finest, The Slate Hotel would certainly be one of our first recommendations of where to achieve it.

Serenity & Style

Vibrant colours and exotic animals are at every turn when you make your way through the lobby (if you can tear yourself away from its luxuriousness) at The Slate Hotel in Phuket and if it’s a few days of relaxing and unwinding next to a pool in glorious, verdant grounds then this really is the perfect place to stop when you arrive in Phuket from the mainland as it’s located a mere few miles from the island’s main airport but don’t have any concerns about air traffic because you’ll not be distracted one bit by this as you’re sipping on cocktails in the infinity pool.

The Slate Hotel boasts a variety of suites and villas to choose from each with their own eye-catching interiors and stunning design features. You’ll be blown away by the size of these suites and villas and they will deliver an immeasurably comfortable place to lay your head after a day of relaxing by the pool, enjoying watersports down by the nearby beach or taking in some of the resort’s excellent restaurants and bars.

Thailand is home to some truly stunning hotels and Phuket unquestionably has more than its fair share but our stay at The Slate Hotel in Phuket really couldn’t come higher recommended, to the point we booked to stay a couple more nights after we were due to leave because we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to depart. Tin features heavily in the design aesthetic of The Slate Hotel as it is a material which Phuket built its industry upon and you’ll find plenty of design nods to this very fact throughout this gloriously appointed island hotel.

Fine Food, Delicious Drinks

It’s not just the grounds and the suites that make The Slate Hotel such a stand out property in our opinion here at Coolector HQ, it’s the fact it backs these up with some incredible places to eat and drink during your stay. Whether it’s cocktails in the swim up bar or a much more refined affair in their multitude of fine dining restaurants dotted about the resort that you’re after, The Slate Hotel doesn’t disappoint on any level. And fear not, you can get burgers and more pub orientated food in their excellent snooker hall bar when you’re feeling the need for some serious carbs.

Unquestionably one of the finest hotels we experienced in Thailand, The Slate Hotel has rightly established a reputation for excellence and for any holidaymaker on the hunt for an oasis in Phuket away from the hustle and bustle of Patong, then you’ll get much, much more than you bargained for with this exceptional hotel.

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