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Though we’re pretty talentless when it comes to drawing and design here at Coolector HQ, we’re forever on the lookout for devices that might help to ramp up our creativity and we’ve certainly found one in the form of the technologically superior and infinitely cool The Slate by iskn which is a means of giving digital life to your paper creations.

The Slate by iskn is, to put things simply, a drawing pad that revolutionises your digital artwork and does so in such a way that you’ll be forever intwined in the creative process without fear of losing the pieces that you have spent so long crafting. There is something much more tangible and satisfying about drawing onto paper but with The Slate by iskn you have the added peace of mind of a digital back up.

Digitally Enhanced

The instantaneous nature of The Slate is something that will unquestionably appeal to the artistically minded individuals out there as with this impressive device you draw with your own pencils on real paper and your drawings will come alive in real time on the screen. This is a great tool for those working in the design industries who want the freedom of drawing in their own way but need the reassurances that come from having a digital back up.

If you’ve got a favourite pencil, you’re in luck, because you can still use it to your heart’s content with The Slate by iskn as all you need do is add their small ring device to the pencil and it will instantly become capable of capturing your paper based doodles and designs in a digital format.

An ability to combine the pleasure of drawing on paper with the magic and advantages of digital is something that designers crave and it is all delivered and more with the eye-catching The Slate by iskn. The device is lightweight and compact (with A5 dimensions) and it can act as a standalone accessory as in screenless mode your drawings are saved directly to the Slate’s internal memory, of which it has 8GB which equates to roughly 800,000 drawings.

Drawing a Line

It’s mind boggling to think that a small ring, with no discernible Lord of the Rings-esque magic qualities is capable of turning a regular pencil into a means of creating digital drawings from pencil and paper ones but that’s exactly what’s on offer with the awesome looking The Slate by iskn.

The Slate works with every type of paper and all you need do is simply insert an A5 sheet of paper or a sketchpad using the reference points provided and then the magic begins. For anyone working in a design or creative industry who loves the tangible satisfaction of drawing on paper, this is the device for you.

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